In order to reduce the complexity, increase the visibility and reach of the work as well as firm, one must situate his business on the internet in the form of a website.

Financial advisors often look for clients in order to expand their business but searching happens from both ends, there are around 6,73000 people search for a financial advisor on internet. Besides, financial planner and financial services are searched for 8,23,000 and 22,40,000 respectively. No other reason looks more valid than this data, why advisors should have financial websites as their identity on internet.

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Our Financial Websites services are:

  • High quality websites with trendy interactive infographics, are bunched of upto 15 dynamic web-pages.
  • A dedicated page features online mutual fund buying service that lets you buy mutual funds for different AMCs.
  • The facility of upto 20+ financial planning calculators which are also visible to visitors of the website and keep them engaged.
  • Appealing corporate style logo designs.
  • Our technologically robust financial planning software cum mutual fund software functions at the backend.
  • You can also lease website space for advertisements and avail one of the popular sources of extra earning from internet.
Pricing Plans

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Silver Package

Pricing First Year: INR 14999 + S.T.
Annual Charges: INR 5000 + S.T.

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Platinum Package

Pricing First Year: INR 34999 + S.T.
Annual Charges: INR 7000 + S.T.

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Gold Package

Pricing First Year: INR 24999 + S.T.
Annual Charges: INR 6000 + S.T.

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