Advisors who provide quick services to their clients through convenient platform are more likely to retain the investors for longer period. Investors look for complete transparency in the transactions that builds their trust upon advisors and also a platform that allows them to perform self analysis of their portfolio.

Invest Online

Enjoy the experience of pursuing transactions straight from the comfort of your home. Online Investment opens up multiple opportunities of investment for effective utilization of funds and acquisition of expected returns.

  • Quickly invest or redeem funds.
  • Invest in new SIPs within friction of seconds.
  • Easy to switch from existing schemes.
  • Suggest popular schemes to clients for investment.
  • Seamless payment process on the app.
  • Access to recent transactions.
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family portfolio tracker

Family Portfolio Tracker

Get a 360 degree view of investment made by each member of family as collectively or individually that facilitates to boost the current value of funds as whole. It increases satisfaction among the clients and they stays by your side irrespective of market competition.

  • Manage entire family’s portfolio from one place.
  • Get quick summary of gain or loss on day end.
  • Identify overall investment amount of whole family.
  • Perform a graphical analysis of investment.
  • Know CAGR and total profit or loss.
  • Prepare monthly family report.

Track Financial Goals in Real Time

Monitoring goals parallel to the investment strategy keeps your aware of the fair position of the funds and induces to achieve the formed goal within estimated timeline. Tracking always assists you to aware of market fluctuations.

  • Goals status of any client can be checked through login.
  • Monitor funds that are mapped to fulfill goals.
  • Get the duration under which the desired returns will be achieved.
  • Introduce additional funds to meet shortfalls.
  • New assets can be allocated to goals.
  • View goals roadmap at a glance.
  • Review the target achieved and pending status.
track financial goals
client funds analysis

Funds Analysis

Analyzing client’s funds on every stage makes you an investment expert and you become habitual of extracting returns for clients regardless of the heavy fluctuations.

  • Define asset allocation of investment.
  • Develop NAV trends in graphical format.
  • Compare the performance of present funds with past.
  • Measure individual funds progress for equity, debt and other categories.

Transaction Tracking

Looking past transactions guides you a lot in forming decision for future investments and also adds to the experience of advisors to face multiple complexities at a time.

  • Easy to fetch details of previous transactions.
  • Summarized information is available.
  • Ascertain NAV and current value of investment.
  • Know the total units and absolute return.
online transaction tracking
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