Key Features

mutual fund platform

One Platform

Multi assets and investments of the clients can be conveniently managed from single platform with no more efforts.

paper less mutual fund software

Paperless Format

Get rid of the physical documents and applications and let the technology do it on your behalf that reduces your cost of operations.

mutual fund software report

One click Several Reports

Develop various reports to perform analysis of the investments from all perspectives that improves your strategy day by day.

mutual fund software alert


Get the alerts for matured investments, due SIPs, insurances, birthdays and anniversaries of your clients to serve better and make the relations stronger.

best mutual fund software tools


Multiple tools and facilities are made available keeping in mind every need of advisors which are useful on routine basis.

smooth software for distributors

Handy to Use

Convenient to operate the platform with its unique and attractive UI which keeps your clients engaged on the portal.

Research Desk

Research Desk assists you to promote sales for the business based on in-depth analysis over the top schemes. An accurate conducted research always leads to desired output to the advisors. You can also encourage your clients for fresh investment by recommending schemes that yields high returns.

  • Calculate future returns pertaining to different goals.
  • Go through SIP/STP/SWP performance and dividend history before making final selection of any scheme.
  • Compare 5 different top funds to opt out the best one.
  • Model portfolio allows allocating funds in different class of investment that optimizes the return and minimizes the risk.
  • Factsheet gives you complete details about particular scheme.
mutual fund software research desk
financial planning software

Financial Planning

In Mutual Fund Software financial planning is a blueprint of investment pattern that assists you to manage client’s funds effectively and act as a systematic roadmap that guides every action to be adopted as to reach the desired point of investment.

  • Consolidated financial report based on set goals.
  • Assess and evaluate your clients risk and financial soundness.
  • Determine clients net worth based on assets and liabilities held.
  • Map and allocate assets to move towards goal.
  • Multiple goals can be planned together.
  • Develop a contingent fund to deal with uncertainty.
  • Calculate financial ratios to ascertain liquidity of clients.

Wealth Report

Wealth Report in Mutual Fund Software for Distributors allows you to present aggregate investments held by a client that reveals the different segments under which the funds are diverted. It assists in ascertaining the valuation of investments at present date.

  • Classify investment on the basis investment and insurance portfolio.
  • Develop asset allocation chart for complete analysis of portfolio.
  • Get information related to equity and non-equity holdings.
  • Investment in schemes of particular AMC is monitored for current valuation.
  • Identify accurate gain or loss till date.
  • Graphical representation makes interpretation easier.
wealth management software india
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