Robo Advisory Platform

Automate your business functioning with Robo Advisor

It’s the time to turn traditional advisory business into modern advisory firm by adapting self operative technology which performs all your business functions with minimum human engagement.

  • Auto on-boarding of investors.
  • Paperless procedure.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Little human efforts.
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Why Robo Advisory App?

  • No Geographical Limit:
    Client on boarding process is same whether the client is at your office or in Dubai or New York, all it take 5 minutes process to enable client his first purchase.
  • No Human dependency:
    Flawless, seamless investment process! Handle more number with very less employees.
  • 24 X 7 Business Hours:
    Now your business is not depending on your office hours, it’s round the clock open without any holiday throughout the year.
  • Compete with Big Brands:
    RED Vision Robo Advisory Platform Mobile app is powered by robust backoffice platform in india, you can achieve the better technology at comparatively very less amount of Investment, it make you enable to compete with Major Big Brands.

Why Robo is made for you?

  • To automate your business process.
  • Improves Asset Under Management.
  • Controls operational cost.
  • Keeps connected with clients every time.
  • Attracts small investors.

Key Features

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Create your presence 24x7

Your business hours in your hand, deal with clients from anywhere at any time and be a witness of own progress.

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Turn into a Brand

Forming your own brand is no more hectic when you have right resources and technology that assures success.

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More Business at Low Cost

Reducing operational cost is the expertise of Robo that wants you to earn more while incurring less.

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Become Future Ready

Artificial Intelligence is the new era for pursuing business operations that gives you edge over the rivals in the industry.

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Get Access to Overseas Nation

Discovering clients across the globe is way too easier than ever before, perform hassle free transactions with no barriers.

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Quick Instant Video KYC

A non-KYC investor needs to undergo the online process of verification, while the investor with KYC can proceed for BSE Registration.

Robo Advisory Process

robo advisory process

Key Features

  • 100% Paperless Client Onboarding.
  • Instant E-Mandate Registration.
  • Instant Video-KYC Creation.
  • Instant Login Creation on App.
  • Can Start SIP Immediately.
  • All Above Processes takes hardly 5 Minutes.

Additional Benefits

  • Smooth virtual on-boarding of new investors.
  • Self monitoring of clients portfolio based on financial algorithms.
  • Advisors don’t need to perform complex calculations.
  • Complete assistance to fresh investors without advisors intervention.
  • Regulates your business even in your absence.

What you’ll get from Robo?

  • Package of complete Business solution.
  • Assistant to look after your business in your absence.
  • Your marketing tool to improve business revenue.
  • Gives consistent leads to your business.

Robo Advisory process

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Why your clients need Robo Advisor?

Robo advisors are self driven investment platform that manages your client’s portfolio on your behalf. Starting from on boarding a new investor to deliver consolidated financial statement, everything is made easy for advisors as to reduce human dependency. These digital advisors acquires goals, income, assets, liabilities and other relevant information of investors and structures appropriate financial strategy to invest funds of your clients without ignoring risk associated with their profile. The best thing is that you can generate leads from any part of the world with no extra effort or cost.

  • Investors with low income can even enter.
  • Get services within less cost.
  • Assist beginners in learning investment markets.
  • Avail services 24x7 with no interruptions.
  • Promotes tax harvesting.

Trend in India

  • Companies like Groww, Funds India, ET Money and many others are getting high response from investors as millions of users are registering through mobile apps.
  • Robo Advisory market in India is estimated to attain a growth rate of more than 50% by year 2025.
  • Indian Investors are revealing interest towards digital algorithms based advisors due to their affordable service charge.

Trend in US and UK

  • US is the leading nation in adopting 100% automated investment platform.
  • Globally, US have the highest Assets Under Management in Robo Advisor segment with $ 682,726 million.
  • By the end of 2020, wealth management firms in UK are planning to shift maximum operations to automated investment platforms.

In short such an assistive partner helps you to overcome any business challenge and cares for your business irrespective of the market downfalls. If you still feel confused about Robo or having any query then you should definitely Register For Free Demo as what can be a better way than having hands on experience.

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