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05 Sep 2021

How Robo Advisory Platform Increases the Functioning of Distributors Business?

After the entrance of the Robo Advisory platform, the functions of the distributors are lowered, and the concentration on the main spots of business has increased. The intention behind this is that the application is self competent to fulfill the work on part of the distributors which indicates without the involvement of human beings. The Mutual Fund Software improved the business scenarios and transactions while the Robo Advisory app is proving as the future of mutual fund investment business.

What is the Robo Advisory Platform?

    Robo Advisory App is an artificial intelligence-based platform that helps distributors in operating Mutual Fund business functions. To minimize the dependency of humans, Robo Advisory Software itself onboard new clients and provides services even in absence of distributors. The AI software is created for the distributors to assist with the services needed in the mutual fund industry with the name of their own business which on boards clients instantly.

    Why Robo Advisory App?
    • Operate business from any part of the world through remote access.
    • Less human engagement ensures less error.
    • No restrictions on business hours, run business 24x7.
    • Deal with any number of clients at a time.
    • Quick solution for every business issue.
    What makes Robo Advisory special?
    • True Business Assistant
      Performing every function of the business with perfection is the root advantage of Robo which ensures the sequential flow of all activities in the firm.
    • Cost Reduction
      Using fewer resources to generate the most optimum results is the expertise of AI Advisor, ultimately enhancing the overall business experience.
    • Self On-boarding
      On-boarding new clients in the firm is a primary objective of Robo that doesn’t require the efforts of the distributors.
    Key Features
    • Full paperless smooth platform.
    • Instant registration of new investors.
    • Quick verification through Video KYC.
    • Generate login credentials within less time.
    • Start SIP in a few seconds.
    Additional Benefits
    • A flawless transaction with clients.
    • Continuous portfolio monitoring.
    • Complex calculations made easier.
    • Full support to new clients without distributor’s intervention.
    • Virtual platform to regulate entire business.
    The Effect of Robo Advisory Platform on Distributors Business
    • The performance of the firm is enhanced with technology.
    • Revenue increases in comparison to the traditional method.
    • Assists in connecting multiple investors.
    • No Maintenance of paper records due to digital transactions.
    • Portfolio monitoring becomes easy for distributors.
    • The improvement of the business can be identified.
    • Several clients can be registered at the same time.

    Robo Advisory Platform is a must for the distributors to maintain proficiency in delivering constant services to the investors and adapting complete automation is possible for the distributors through the competing technology.