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20 Jul 2021

How Mutual Fund Software Mobile Application Reduces Distributors Work?

With the passing years, technology is evolving rapidly and shaping the lifestyle of every human being. Every individual today has a Smartphone in their pocket which makes life more convenient and smooth. The distributor can take this as an opportunity to turn various prospects into real clients as the mutual fund software mobile applications like Advisor X allows the distributors to manage the complete business at their fingertips. Even distributors and investors can get connected on the same platform.

Why Advisor X Mobile App is Necessary?

The Advisor X Mobile application is developed for advisors to ease dealings with investors in the investment market. Along with it minimizes the tasks of the distributors as multiple services can be delivered to the clients at a click.

Key Features:
  • Easy goal tracking and investment progress.
  • Ascertaining shortfall in goals is convenient.
  • Entire family investment reports can be delivered to clients.
  • The compact platform of the desktop version with a unique interface.
  • Quick buying, selling, and transfer of schemes.
  • Financial calculators for self calculations of future returns.
  • Transaction history can be analyzed for reliability.
What problems occur without the app?
  • No platform for distributors to track portfolios.
  • Distributors find it difficult to deliver service to multiple clients in a day.
  • The client may not find investment secure due to a lack of facility to track funds.
  • Lack of reliability between advisor and investors.
How Application solves such issues?
  • Advisors can provide services to more clients.
  • Reduces cost of operations.
  • Transactions are performed transparently.
  • The data management of clients becomes easy.

Advisors who provide quick services to their clients through the convenient platform are more likely to retain the investors for a longer period. Investors look for complete transparency in the transactions that build their trust upon advisors and also a platform that allows them to perform self-analysis of their portfolio.

Advisor X is the new age of mobile application and a consolidated version of Mutual Fund Software that encourages distributors to perform business activities across any location. With the multiple features embedded in the software, distributors can be helped by high technology. Providing services to each client became suitable for the distributors and boosted the functions along with the revenue.

The mobile application is also developed for the clients of the distributors through the investors themselves can track the portfolio and also can avail multiple services that save the time of the distributors and the investors.

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